Date /Time: 19 Sept (Thurs), 19.30 - 22.30

Location:  Haagsche Tafel, Laan van N.O.I. 12A 2593 BT , The Hague

Investment: €15 (prepaid online), € 20,- (at the door in cash)

You are invited to join our next evening workshop where we will focus on relationships and explore what makes a good match. The two hour session will be led by Marianna Kocsany, relationship counselor (Bonding Therapy)

As usual after the workshop there will be an opportunity to network and socialize among the participant.

Compatibility and Chemistry in Relationships - What makes a good match?

Wonder why you are attracted to some specific men or women?
Want to know how you can choose a compatible partner?
Wonder what makes a relationship really work?

During this workshop you will learn a lot of practicalities about falling in love and nurturing relationships. Marianna will introduce the most cutting edge psychological researches and theories about how we choose partners and how long-term relationships last.

You will learn:
- What kind of personal traits and skills make you and your partner compatible
- How you can maintain the feeling of attraction with your date and within your relationship
- What factors make some relationships last for decades

At the end of the workshop we will brainstorm in groups together how we can improve our relationship skills, and how we can choose partners more wisely.

Marianna Kocsany graduated as a psychologist in 2013 and is practicing holistic therapeutic work ever since. She combines cognitive psychology, emotion based approaches and hypnotherapy. She uses tools based on psychology, mindfulness and neuro-linguistic programming.
Marianna found that most of her clients' problems were related to non-adaptive bonding patterns, and fear-based self-limiting beliefs . She realized that by rewriting these patterns and beliefs her clients can open up for new relationships, or connect better with their existing partners. Now she is helping effectively many singles and couples with her Bonding Therapy 

- € 15 in advance latest 48 hours prior the event here
- € 20,- at the door in cash or last minute booking (within 2 days before the event).

In order to secure your spot it is advisable to register timely. Please note that there is no possibility for repayment or rescheduling in case you can't attend.

Drinks (wine, beer, some soft drinks) can be bought after the workshop at the location for small change. Please make sure to bring some cash.

If you have any questions regarding event, do not hesitate to contact us.

Looking forward to meeting you at the event,

Monika and Marianna