Date: 24th March (Sunday)

Time: 10h-16.30

Location: Weesperzijde 77H, Amsterdam 1091 EJ

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“If you limit your choices only to what seems possible or reasonable, you disconnect yourself from what you truly want, and all that is left is a compromise.” -- Robert Fritz

Do you know these inner voices that:

  • criticize what you do
  • hold you back when you want to try something new
  • make you feel anxious and doubting your strengths
  • ask you to be perfect or to let it be
  • make you worry about others more than about yourself
  • tell you to look always for the next big thing instead of enjoying what is


These voices represent your brain’s responses to deal with life’s challenges. They have developed over time – originally with the positive intention to guard us from threats to our physical and emotional survival as children. As adults, we keep them as limiting beliefs and assumptions about life but often they don’t help us anymore and even worse sabotage our true way of being.

Shirzad Chamine, Neuroscientist and Executive Coach, identified nine types of the Saboteurs that influence our behaviour and decision-making. The Judge, the Avoider, the Hyper-Achiever, and the others undermine you by triggering anger, anxiety, shame, regret, and other negative emotions.

The good news is that you can learn to recognize your individual Saboteurs as a first step to cope with them. Identifying your Saboteurs when they get into action is crucial to stop them from undermining your emotions and reactions when facing challenges at work and in your life.

During the Day Training we will explore several ways to deal with your inner voices. You will get to know your Sage, introduced by Chamine, as the voice representing your original true self. You will find out how to strengthen and activate your Sage and its powers for empathy, self-confidence, discovery, invention, wisdom, and resolute action.

Learning how to manage your inner Saboteurs will help you reduce your worry and stress and make you feel calm and confident. It will help you avoid the constant struggle of comparing yourself to others. And it will move you from panic to peace. You will have more energy so you can accomplish big things!

During the day training, you will:

  • Learn about the concept of Saboteurs & Sage by Shirzad Chamine
  • Get to know your own Saboteurs
  • Become more aware when they interfere and understand their impact
  • Discover different ways to deal with your Saboteurs
  • (Re)Connect with your Sage and practise to shift to Sage perspective
  • Create your own action plan to reduce the Saboteurs’ impact in your life
  • Become more confident in taking action towards a more fulfilled work & life


The workshop will be engaging, highly interactive with some theoretical input. Be prepared to work in pairs and small groups and to share own experiences with others.

Participants of the workshop will be asked to fill in an online assessment as a preparation for the Day Training.

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After her studies in psychology, Dagmar Hopf started her career in an international management consultancy focusing on management diagnostics, leadership development and change management. In 2007 she founded her first business Change & Co. to support managers and teams in making change happen. As a consequence of her own personal and professional development, she started her current business Sevenbirds in 2014 to act as a “transition catalyst”. She helps particularly women in transition to unfold their unique potential and play bigger.

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