Date / Time: 20 Nov (Wednesday), 19.30 - 22.30

Location: The House of Wisdom, Weesperzijde 77H, Amsterdam, 1091 EJ

Investment: €15 (prepaid online), €20,- (at the door in cash)

Do you sometimes hesitate making decisions? Or do you often change your mind or maybe even regret your 'fast' choice?
Do you wonder if your work/career fits your personality and your design?
Do you know your best sources of energy? As well as your energy drains?

Human Design (HD) asserts that we have conscious aspects of us which define our Personality and unconscious aspects which are deeply ingrained and define our Design. HD derives each person's specific and unique design from our birth data and translate it into a very precise map of yourself. It is based on science (quantum physics and genetics) and ancient wisdom systems (chakras, Kabbalah, I Ching and astrology).

HD can give you a vast amount of very practical information on how you function, which energy centres you rely on, what your main qualities are and how you can use this to improve your life.

During this intro workshop we will focus on your energy type- are you somebody with lots of energy to initiate things, or are you by design better suited for guiding other people? We will also dive into your optimal decision making strategy - which is different for every person. You will be asked to have your chart ready (free link will be provided to participants in advance) so that we can discuss it and you can get the most out of the session.

This session is for everybody who regularly feels unclear about decisions, also for people who feel they are ‘operating’ very differently from others around them, but never fully understood why. The workshop will also give you tools to stand more in your power at work.
This is groundbreaking knowledge that can bring a lot more flow and success to your life. We are looking forward to share it with you.

The trainer is Ayla Verheijen, transformation coach at The Circle of Light -

- € 15, - pre-payment online latest 48 hours prior the event ,
- € 20,- at the door in cash or late transfer (within 2 days before the event).

In order to secure your spot it is advisable to register timely. Please note that there is no possibility for repayment or rescheduling in case you can't attend.

Tea, some soft and alcoholic drinks will be available at a reduced price. Please bring some cash. 

Doors open at 19.15 Training starts at 19.30.

Looking forward to meeting you at the event,

Monika & Ayla