Date /Time: 13 March (Wed), 19.30 - 22.30

Location: the House of Wisdom, Weesperzijde 77H, Amsterdam, 1091 EJ

Investment: €13,30 (prepaid online), €18,- (at the door in cash)

Most of us are living and working in a multi-cultural environment where we likely speak a common language, still even the smaller nuances can lead to misunderstandings and miscommunication. You are invited to our next evening workshop to find out the origin and underlying reasons for the differences when we communciate with others from different cultural backgrounds. The insights will be truly eye-opening. The workshop will be led by Jan Vincent Meertens, expert and author in intercultual mamagement. 

After the two hour workshop there will be an opportunity to socialize and network among the participants.

Do we have a deal? Learn how to communicate with the Dutch effectively 

“We do not see things as they are, we see them as we are.”

Communications is a two way street. Through little exercises and examples participants of this workshop will gain insight in the cultural values that influence the way we communicate with each other. Why are the Dutch so direct, and are they? Why do discussions go on endlessly and why is this so different in the UK or Spain, and is it? How do I pitch for a job in Holland if I am from ….?

Participants will gain insights into how their respective cultures differ from the Dutch and others according the Hofstede dimensions and how they can 'bridge' the differences and communicate within their organization with more impact and efficiency.

In the workshop we will

  • Explore the basic concept of culture
  • Review four basic social dilemma’s such as ‘How do we deal with authority?’
  • Discover the dynamics of intercultural communications
  • Understand where miscommunication often originates from and learn to deal with it
  • Look into our own cultural preferences

Awareness and understanding of our counterparty's background - whether we are interacting in a social or professional setting - will greatly influence how effectively and impactfully we communicate.

Join us for this workshop and get ready for some major insights! 



Jan Vincent Meertens is an expert and author publishing articles and books on intercultural management.  He is an experienced trainer and coach with a focus on leadership and negotiation skills. He built his own training and consultancy company which he successfully sold. Later he has founded, a non-profit foundation to help improve communications between migrant and host communities in the European Union.

- € 12,50 (+0,80 booking fee) payment in advance latest 48 hours prior the event here online

- € 18,- at the door in cash or late transfer (within 2 days before the event).

In order to secure your spot it is advisable to register timely. 

Please note that there is no possibility for repayment or rescheduling in case you can't attend.

Drinks (wine, beer, some soft drinks) can be bought after the workshop at the location for small change. Please make sure to bring some cash.

Looking forward to meeting you at the event,

Monika & Jan Vincent