Until you learn to face your fears and other difficult emotions, they have power over you.

Date: 28th October, Time: 10h-16.30 

Location: Weesperzijde 77H, Amsterdam 1091 EJ

Investment: € 85,- 

One of the reasons fear can be so powerful is because it lurks in the dark - unnoticed, in the recesses of our minds, it acts without us knowing it.

Are you ever afraid you’ll fail or do badly?

Are you sometimes anxious of not being good enough?

Fears, such as dread of making a mistake, being rejected, or looking foolish can drain your resources.

You will many times come to points where you can choose to confront your fears or avoid them altogether. We were taught to run away from difficult emotions and haven’t learned to face them. In the long run this doesn’t work, it often makes things worse and it can even poison our dreams, passions and relationships without us even realizing it.

It is not unusual for any of us to have fears. In fact, it is part of the human condition. A key question in spite of this fear is, are we living a fulfilling life and can we find the strength and support within to follow our dreams and create the life we desire?  

During this Day Training you will learn how to face difficult emotions through self-compassion and other mindfulness tools. We will reflect on your core values, what you want your life to stand for and how to stay in alignment.  By facing and slowly overcoming your fears you will create more space for dreams, opportunities and joy in your life. Moreover you can, deliberately, choose love over fear and make this a way of life. 

The training will guide you through the experience of:

  • How to allow and let go of difficult emotions and let them come to a natural rest
  • The benefits of meditation in facing your stressful thoughts, fearful emotions and its impact on the brain
  • Making (mental) space for your dreams and passions
  • Discovering and anchoring your core values
  • Staying connected with your core essence even when things get tough

This training aims to inspire you, allowing you to think about your own patterns and behaviours but mostly lets you experience, for yourself, what will help you to overcome your fears. We will also explore how to actually integrate it in your daily life. As founder Jon Kabat Zinn often says: ’The real meditation practice is how we live our lives from moment to moment.’

Trainer: Marc Keller, founder of Beyond Mindfulness

After Marc finished his master in International Relations he followed his curiosity for other cultures, countries and behaviour by working and living in Eastern Africa for three years. Many years ago Marc started practicing meditation and since 2012 he gives mindfulness and self-compassion trainings and coaches people with their life and work challenges. With his own company Beyond Mindfulness he strives to give a lasting and profound answer to the increasing speed of life, stress and burnout in our demanding society. His style is down-to-earth, in-depth, pragmatic and given with enthusiasm.

Registration and payment: 
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Monika Kalina
06 330 87 083