Date /Time: 16th January (Wed), 19.30 - 22.30

Location: Training Centre by the Amstel, Weesperzijde 77H, Amsterdam, 1091 EJ

Investment: €12,50 (prepaid), €18,- (at the door in cash)

We are kicking off the New Year fit for the season with a workshop that will focus on creating new habits that can help you realize your goals and become more happy while doing it. 
The session will be led by Mirna Smidt, experienced interpersonal skills trainer.

After the two hour workshop, we will toast for the New Year and will socialize and network among the participants.

Hack your Habits for more Happiness

Do you ever struggle with making great habits stick? Or with unintentionally developing new “bad” habits? 
Do you ever feel that your habits are out of control - and they definitely don’t make you happier? 
Or perhaps you wish for a “magic wand” to make you happier and make your goals easier to achieve?

Well, there is no magic wand, but hacking your habits is as close to the magic wand as possible!

During this workshop, we will balance between two topics - discovering what are those habits that are most impactful on your happiness, and learning how to build great habits (or break bad habits) easily, those that support you in achieving your goals.

In creating a diverse and powerful list of habits that have the biggest impact on our happiness, we will draw from the science of positive psychology. It will enable you to build great new habits with ease, hacking the “habit loop” but also leveraging the natural behaviour of your brain to do the work for you all on its own!

Learning goals, at this workshop you will:
- discover several “hacks” of building the most powerful habits and choosing a keystone habit for ripple effect
- learn how to leverage the concept of “zorro circle” to make your habits impactful 
- learn “20 seconds rule” that will enable you to create faster and easier change
- discover a list of new small habits that are key for happiness 
- learn four questions that will enable you to transform any negative situation into positive 
- get new ideas to design your best “morning routine”, to kick off a day with a set of powerful habits.

You will also have a chance to customize all that we talk about - and find those habits and practices that work best for you.

If you wish to kick off 2019 with some amazing new habits - join us at this workshop!

Mirna Šmidt is an experienced interpersonal skills trainer and founder of Happiness Academy. 
Mirna is a trainer since 2008, actively focusing on positive psychology since 2009 and holding a Master in Applied Positive Psychology at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge. In parallel with a successful career in advanced technologies, she acquired over ten years of experience in training during which she has collaborated on numerous international learning projects and with many companies in diverse industries.

- € 12,50 - payment in advance latest 48 hours prior the event,
send an email to monika.kalina(at) for the payment details
- € 18,- at the door in cash or late transfer (within 2 days before the event).

Drinks can be bought after the workshop at the location for small change. Please make sure to bring some cash.

Looking forward to meeting you at our event,

Monika & Mirna