Date / Time: 22 Jan (Wednesday), 19.30 - 22.30

Location: The House of Wisdom, Weesperzijde 77H, Amsterdam, 1091 EJ

Investment: €15,- (prepaid online), €20,- (at the door in cash)

Let's start the new year with one of the most important topics: How self-care can help you live a healthy and fulfilling life.

We all want to be healthy and live fulfilling lives but how do you do this?
A lot of negative behavioral patterns come forth out of a lack of self-love. Low self-esteem, staying stuck in a destructive relationship or dead-end job or failing to follow through on your health resolutions. These are often subconscious patterns and as long as they remain subconscious you will not be able to change your behavior.

Self-care is your go-to tool to increase your self-love and it is something you can easily incorporate into your daily life. Moreover, it will enhance your life in so many areas and it is fun!

In the workshop you will learn:
✅About self-love and self-care, TLC and what you can do to improve it
✅How the Wheel of Life ties into self-care
✅To identify areas of your life in which you have been lacking and what you can do about it
✅Tips and tricks on how to incorporate self-care into your daily life
✅To create a game plan on how you can start to increase self-care in different areas of your life.

Join us and create the foundations for a more fulfilling life!

The two hour session will be led by Shorombo Mooij, holistic life coach and Lifestyle Transformation Specialist. …

- € 15,- payment 48h in advance here …
- € 20,- at the door in cash or late booking.

In case you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us

Looking forward to meeting you at the workshop, 

Monika & Shorombo