Date/Time: 6 March 2016, from 13.00-15.30

Place: TRUST² Albert Cuypstraat 194, Amsterdam

Tickets: € 10,- to be paid at the door

Soul 2 Soul connection created by authentic sharing and being. Egos are left outside. We experiment and experience. We perceive but do not judge. We share, we listen, we move and we allow for what is.

The purpose is to meet each other authentically, to really see each other and to show ourselves just the way we are.

What happens if you drop your mask? What happens if you let yourself be seen as you are? What happens if you see someone for who he/she is? Can you connect with the other on a different level? Can you connect with yourself? 

We will have some playful exercises in pairs and some group sharing. We'll be mindful and sometimes mindless too. It will be fun. 

Monika - I am a transpersonal counselor and trainer focusing on personal development. I am interested in meeting people, to hear your stories and find out who you really are, what drives you, what your dream is and what you want in your life. I am not a big fan of chit-chats and superficial conversations. I like to connect with people on a deeper level and like to facilitate that connection among others. 

Veronica - I call myself a soul-searcher because I am interested in meeting the essence of people; what touches you, what moves you. I teach yoga, I lead women circles, I coach women and I am a dance movement therapist.

Please register by sending an email to or via our meetup group  

Join us at TRUST² on the 6 March.

Let's share and get connected!

Veronica & Monika