Let's dive deep into the cornerstones of strong and successful relationships

Date: 25 November (Sunday) Time: 10h-16.30

Location: Weesperzijde 77H, Amsterdam 1091 EJ

Full Price: € 85,- 

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Do you ever wish that your relationships - whether professional, romantic or with family members and friends - are simpler?

Do you ever feel not fully understood by people around you? Maybe even disconnected?

Are you missing focus and the capacity to be intentional about your relationships - to give them time and to make sure you spend your energy on the ones that matter most?

Would you like to learn more - including practical tools - on how to strengthen your connections with others and make them a source of joy for both sides?

It is easy to fall into a trap of being less conscious of our relationships, focusing our time and energy on work or the demands of everyday life, becoming self-protective or distracted, while the most important thing - meaningful connections with others - slips out of our focus.

Relationships are the most valuable aspect of our lives. They bring us joy and meaning, they open us to love and kindness, and, according to positive psychology, they have a huge impact on how happy we are in all other aspects of our lives.

We are all so diverse in the ways we function, in the ways we think and feel, in our needs and wants - which is why having a deeper understanding and more impactful tools can do miracles for the way we build our connections.

The workshop is built on the principles and findings of positive psychology. This is the branch of psychology which deals with human flourishing, happiness and wellbeing. Evidence-based practices are used that can help you strengthen friendships, family and work relationships, as well as romantic relationships. 

The session will be highly interactive and engaging - built on a series of exercises, discussions and reflections. It will give you new ideas and discoveries about your style of communication and behaviour in relationships. We will explore your connections with others through several new tools and approaches.

The content will be comprehensive, diverse, practical and research-based.

Learning goals during the Full Day Training:

  • The three most important things for strong relationships according to positive psychology
  • The role emotions play and ratios of varying emotions in relationships, as well as how to influence that ratio
  • How we speak different languages within our relationships and how to understand others’ better
  • Four ways in which we sabotage our relationships and how to avoid those
  • Develop a better understanding of the elements that impact our relationships and gain ideas on how to implement more of those in different connections in your life 
  • Discover techniques to communicate better and practice them in a safe environment
  • Reflect on the current state of your relationships and how to improve them
  • New ideas on what aspects of different relationships you could strengthen and explore for maximum impact


You will have fun in the process and get inspired by others’ thoughts, ideas and perspectives :-)


Trainer: Mirna Šmidt, interpersonal skills trainer and founder of Happiness Academy http://www.happiness-academy.eu

Mirna is a trainer since 2008, actively focusing on positive psychology since 2009 and holding a Master in Applied Positive Psychology at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge. In parallel with a successful career in advanced technologies, she acquired over ten years of experience in training during which she has collaborated on numerous international learning projects and with many companies in diverse industries.


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