Date: 19th May (Sunday)

Time: 10h-16.30

Location: Weesperzijde 77H, Amsterdam 1091 EJ

Regular Ticket: € 85,- (+ 0,80 booking fee)

Bring a friend and you both get 20% off

Who would you be without your fears and anxieties? Who would you be if you didn’t believe all your thoughts? How would it feel to show your free authentic self?

Just imagine for a second how it would feel if you could be, even if it were for a little bit, more yourself. Would you be more relaxed, more emphathetic with yourself and your surroundings? Would you smile more? Would you express your joy and laughter more freely?

Do you ever wonder why we aren’t able to show more ourselves?

An important reason is that we are insecure about what others might think of us, reluctant to show our vulnerable spots and/or we tend to lose ourselves in our thoughts. Sometimes so much so that we don’t even realize we aren’t ourselves anymore.

Why do Mindfulness?
Mindfulness is a practice that has the potential to nourish and fulfil us in ways that nothing else truly can, bringing equanimity, kindness and balance into every corner of our lives. Reignite your perception of life, so that you are not just existing to complete to-do lists but appreciating and enjoying living in the present moment.

During this Day Training you will:

  • Learn how our body and mind function
  • Understand what mindfulness is and how it can counter our tendency of not showing ourselves
  • Become more conscious about the value of mindfulness and how you can use it in your daily life
  • Become more aware of your own behaviour patterns and pitfalls and learn how to tackle them
  • Practice how to face difficult emotions and stay more relaxed and grounded
  • Learn how to become more vulnerable and get more in touch with your brave/authentic side
  • Get plenty of tips and inspirations to change your behavior in daily (work) life
  • Discover how to live in the present moment in an enjoyable way

The training will be inspirational as well as practical, with meditations, exercises and a lot of interaction. We will use insights from psychology and buddhism.


Join us and immerse yourself in a day of practicing mindfulness to become more yourself!



Marc Keller - mindfulness trainer and coach. After Marc finished his master in International Relations he followed his curiosity for other cultures, countries and behavior by working and living in Eastern Africa for three years. Many years ago Marc started practicing meditation and since 2012 he gives two mindfulness and self-compassion trainings per week and coaches many people with their life and work challenges. With his own company Beyond Mindfulness he strives to give a lasting and profound answer to the increases speed of life and stress and burnout in our demanding society. His style is down-to-earth, in-depth, pragmatic and given with enthusiasm.

LINKS: www.beyondmindfulness.nl

If you have any questions regarding event, do not hesitate to contact us or via email: info(at)

We are looking forward to meeting you at the training, 

Monika & Marc