During the Reflect & Grow base program we review your ‘heritage’ from your family and cultural background. We assess your values and beliefs and reflect on those that are still serving you and learn how to let the others go. The quality of your thoughts and your mindset define to a large extent the quality of your life and how you feel about yourself. The program aims to improve your self-confidence and your self-knowledge so that you become more successful in different areas of your life.
Personal and Professional Development can’t really be separated as the common denominator is You. When we focus on a specific topic, it is almost unavoidable that other aspects of your life will also be included in the reflection and growth process.

The program includes contemplation over past experiences and practical exercises however it is not simply a training. It is intended to be flexible in order to evolve according to your needs and what you bring in to every session next to the set schedule.

If you wish to delve into certain topics, chek out our Expanded Programs over Professional and Self Development


Single session: € 95 / hour invoiced after the consult 

Package of 3 to 5 sessions: € 85 / hour to be booked and paid directly after the first consult

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